Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Planets, Stars and More on Free Motion Mavericks

Welcome to Free Motion Mavericks, week 327. This is probably the last post on the progress of this Pinwheels and Stars baby quilt. I'm really hoping that the next post with be the big finish 😁.

Planets, Stars and More...

There are many wonders in our sky - so here are the latest additions to the sky surrounded by pinwheels and stars.

A nebula and oh....a UFO (not of the fabric kind) 😊

 Here is the negative space viewed in two parts.

A view of the top part

A view of the bottom part

And now we have a view of most of the quilt.

Major elements FMQ onto the negative space of the quilt

What's left to do
    The sky
  • I will be FMQ small stars and swirls around the major elements. This will even out the quilting and give it a bit more stability and durability. I'll be using either regular white thread or Bottom Line white thread. I haven't decided yet. If I'm smart, I'll practice to see how the tension is and how it looks.
  • I also need to square off the quilt - not my idea of fun, but certainly less difficult when it's a smaller quilt.
  • Next comes the binding and a label. 
  • I really want this done by my next Free Motion Mavericks post which is on April 29th. It would also be in time for my One Monthly Goal of April 😊

What I learned

  • I love it when I do things the way that I should, and that it pays off. This was one of those times. Since I was taking a virtual ruler quilting course on the weekend, I had quite a few sandwiches that hadn't been used. I took one of those last night and practiced some of the designs that I was going to FMQ, including the space ship. I also got some new King Tut variegated thread to try out at the same time.

Practicing my FMQ of the space ship and 
trying out new variegated thread.

  • I'm sorry that I didn't use some of the wilder variegated thread for the actual quilting. As beautiful as the thread it, some of it just doesn't show off as well. On the other hand, there will be a lot for a child to discover as they grow up with this quilt.
  • The nebula is actually a Wavy Spiral. I found it incredibly difficult to FMQ since I've been working hard for years to have lovely curved lines - wavy may have been natural at the beginning, but it isn't any more 😊
  • I'm really looking forward to finishing this quilt - it's been a UFO and a WIF for way too long!

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Free Motion Mavericks

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Sandra's amazing Heading North quilt

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  1. Tes soucoupes volantes sont adorables ! C'est vrai que les fils de couleur en dégradé rendent super bien.

    1. Merci beaucoup Frédérique. J'ai bien hâte de le finir ce projet! Ça fait longtemps qu'il est en progrès :-)

  2. I am so excited, its getting close to a finish. Cant wait. Thank you again for linking up.

    1. Thanks Denise. The finale will be Thursday. I did add a sneak preview on my last post of the FMQ between the planets...I am so happy with how it turned out. Now for the binding. See you soon!

  3. Your free motion quilting is great. It looks impossible to me, but you are doing a great job.

    1. Thank you so much Judy. For someone who honestly can't draw much, I've really taken to it. I love how I can see the improvements in my FMQ after so much practice. Take care.


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