Sunday, December 16, 2018

Burano Lace

The lovely island of Burano
The highlight of my trip, as it relates to textiles, was the Island of Burano, in the Venetian Lagoon. Burano is renown for its lace and its colourful houses. It's a lovely island to visit, and small enough that you don't have to plan your trip.


I got to Burano on a vaporetto (water bus) from Venice. I thought of my dad all the way - he would have loved the boat trip! 😊

When I got to Burano, I walked around the island, visiting the more residential areas first. It really was wonderful.
Great door!

I made my way to the more commercial area of the island and visited a few lace shops. Many were having sales since they were getting ready to close for a couple of weeks and would reopen just before Christmas. It sounds like their flood season, the Acqua Alta (see Related links) is often around that time.

Commercial lace - perfect for art quilts 😊

I bought a few small pieces of lace to incorporate in art quilts. These are the more commercial pieces that are apparently still hand made but on commercial looms.

Lace Museum

The lace at the museum was really stunning. I must admit though that the more modern lace were my favourites.

Here are a few pieces that were done in the 19th and 20th century.

This is my favourite piece - so delicate and intricate.
Hand-made lace from Burano
Delicate lace made in Burano
Hand-made lace from Burano
Burano lace on a table runner

Lace doily

Hand-made lace and pattern from Burano
Lace with pattern
Hand-made lace from Burano
Burano lace - isn't it stunning?
I just love this painting by Venetian artist Antonio Rotta (1828-1903). Many of his painting are scenes of every-day life.
Antonio Rotta (1828-1903)
Portrait of Lacemaker at Lace Pillow
Lace-making demonstration
The lace I bought in Burano

After visiting the museum, I walked by a very high-end lace shop, Emilia Burano, that offered lace-making demonstrations. I couldn't resist.

The most exclusive lace made in Burano has 7 different stitches. To make the best lace possible, each lace-maker masters one stitch. Once the pattern is set up and ready, each lace-maker works on the piece doing her one stitch. It can take months to make a piece.

The Emilia Burano shop has been there for 4 generations of lace-makers. Upstairs they have an area of some of the lace that has been made in their family, including an amazing wedding dress.

If you want to learn more about lace-making in Burano, see the videos listed in the Related links section below.

What I learned
  • Spending the day leisurely walking around Burano, talking with artists and having a great pasta lunch is my kind of travelling heaven!
  • There are many kinds of lace-making. I really admire the work but will leave it to others to make.
  • I have been wanting to make a whole-cloth quilt incorporating lace and handkerchiefs ever since I took one of my first Craftsy classes with Cindy Needham. Her work is stunning. See Related links for her courses on Craftsy and a great video on YouTube of her work in Houston
Walking along the canals of Burano
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  1. Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful photos of the lace. My favourite is the one with the sun. The island looks very lovely as well.

    1. Hi Lisa. The lace is all amazing, and so intricate. The sun piece is particularly lovely (and my second favourite!) It's a great place to visit.

  2. Oh, that door.... Oh, that lace.... Oh, I need to travel!! I hope to see you make something inspired by your trip soon, and thanks for linking up to What I Made Monday!

    1. Hi Becca, it's all so amazing! There are too many ideas chasing each other around in my abstract? a landscape? and wait till you see my Florence pictures!!!

  3. Wow! This lace is priceless! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Judy, isn't it amazing? I'm looking forward to working with the pieces I bought.

  4. Beautiful lace pieces. Wish I would have known about this island when in Venice years ago. We only made it to Murano, to see the glass. Guess I'll have to go back.

    1. Hi Susan, aren't they amazing? I did make it to Murano after Burano, but didn't plan it out and was too tired, so I didn't see you, next time!
      Hope you have a great Christmas :-)

  5. Hello Andrée, such beautiful lace! Yes, it's fascinating, but I agree with you about leaving it to the experts!
    That looks like a truly unforgettable trip. I would have been thinking about my dad too. He went to Italy with his brother in the Spring of 1939 and brought back two prints of Venice, which we still have.


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