Sunday, December 03, 2017

Slow Sunday Stitching and a sore finger

It's time for an update on my hexie runner. Have I told you how much I love hexies? Only a few dozen times?  :-)

Since I was tired of just making hexie flowers just for fun, I thought that I would start putting them together. Here's the last post from November 14th.
Hexie flowers slowly becoming a runner
Here's my latest work. It is moving along quite nicely. I finished putting the six hexie flowers together, along with their separators.

Progress on the hexie runner
I'm finding the orange separator a little distracting. I may have to balance that out with the next separator. The colours of the two remaining flowers may change as I work to balance the piece out. The orange-brown one will stay, to go with the separator but the purple may get voted off.

I also just made the purple flower. I had meant to make one originally but somehow hadn't gotten around to it. If it doesn't get used in this piece, there will be other opportunities for it to shine :-)
The next (and last?) flowers
I will be finishing one more row of the white and then auditioning a mixed coloured border. 

I also just took out a bag of Christmas scraps. As this post title suggests, between hand sewing the label and sleeve on a wall hanging and working on the hexie runner, my middle finger is full of holes and very sore. Yes, I should be wearing a thimble but I've tried many times and just end up using another finger. 

Christmas scraps - potential hexies?
So I'll probably just cut up some fabric for a few Christmas hexies. I also have some bigger hexie templates that I've been wanting to try. Maybe it's finally the time to try to do a little bit of fussy cutting. I think I need to stop because I'm sounding too ambitious again :-) However it turns out, I'm going to put this on my To-Do Tuesday list for the upcoming week. Nothing like having some plans to keep me going :-)

What I learned
  • I've said it before but somehow keep forgetting! I really need to take a picture of the potential placement of these hexies and their separators BEFORE putting them together. That would probably have helped me with the orange separator. 
  • On the other hand, now I have a design challenge to work through. And I do like a challenge, mostly :-)
  • I need another project like I need.... (add what ever you want here), but I do want to work with some Christmas fabric without getting too ambitious, so a few hexie flowers to put me in the festive mood just might do the trick. It also allowed me to take out the Christmas fabric scraps and not the two full bins of fabric that I have!
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  1. Great progress on your hexies. It is looking great. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  2. Lovely hexies! I know what you mean about using a thimble. Sometimes I just wear it around the house so I will get used to having it on and not avoiding it!

  3. I love hexied and I do have the same problem of wearing a thimble and using a different finger :)

  4. Wishing I would have gone more with a pattern with my hexagons over scrappy, but mostly wishing I could get around to even working on them again. It's been a year or so since I've even worked on them!

  5. Your hexies are coming together beautifully! I can't work with a thimble either. I usually end up with a sore finger that turns into a callous after a while. I started using milliners needles a couple of years ago and found that I can push the longer needle through with my sewing fingers and then finish pulling it out with the same fingers, rather than pushing it with the pad of my middle finger. That helped some, but when you're stitching fast, that method doesn't really work well!

  6. So sorry about the sore finger. That's the main reason I gave up on learning to hand quilt.

  7. I love the progress you have made! I understand the sore finger, I do not use a thimble either, but I have found that I like using a shield to protect the side of my finger as I do not push the needle through with the tips. Maybe this would work for you? I hope you were able to make a small Christmas hexie project.


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