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Celebrate - Fêtons 150 in April

Welcome to the third month of Celebrate - Fêtons 150!

Let's party with quilts this year! Twice a month this year I will preview some of the great patterns and events celebrating Canada's 150th,
Canada 150 pattern by
First thing - Celebrate - Fêtons 150 in March was a success with 11 link-ups. Including those from the More Celebrations the Quilty Way post (March 13, 2017), there was a total of 16 comments. The draw was based on 27, and number 7 was the winner - which is the link up from Kathy K. Wylie Quilts. It's really great that we have quilting professionals linking their Canada 150 projects. I'm looking forward to trying Kathy's technique and pattern this year.

Canadian Beaver Block - designed by Sew Fresh Quilts

We are also in for a special treat as Lorna of Sew Fresh Quilts is donating one of her quilt patterns to the lucky winner of the April link-up. Thanks so more Lorna!

Here's one of Lorna's patterns that I just completed - the Canadian Beaver Block. It was a joy to sew and quilt (and believe me when I say that I don't find joy in piecing very often!) Thanks Lorna for this wonderful project :-)

What else is happening in the quilting world to celebrate Canada's 150?
Linda Hutchinson's quilt at QuiltCon

Canadian quilts at QuiltCon, Savannah

Did anyone get to QuiltCon in Savannah this year? As I've been reading blogs and magazines about the event, I sure wish I had the chance to attend. It sounds wonderful! Lisa from Sunlight in Winter Quilts posted a few pictures of fellow Canadian quilters' work. Here is an original piece by Linda Hutchinson of the Toronto Modern Guild. The quilt is hand quilted - and with luck we'll see it at Quilt Canada in Toronto this June.

Wonda's Designs - This is Canada

I haven't seen this design anywhere yet. The quilt is made up of 12 panels which can be bought in packages of 3. They can make a lovely quilt or wall hangings. See the link to Wonda's Desings in Related Links at the bottom of the post.

All Around Canada Block Pattern by Along Came Quilting Store in Calgary

This lovely 18" quilt block is the store's block pattern for the Northcott Trans-Canada Block Party. If you're in Calgary this summer, you can pick up the pattern or kit at the store. Otherwise, you'll be able to order it after September 1st.

My husband is going to Calgary in May, so I have a month to figure out how to convince him to pick up this beauty for me!
All Around Canada Block Pattern by
Along Came Quilting Store in Calgary
SeaSew - Canada's 150 Paper Pieced Logo

This is the official logo of Canada 150. Here's a free paper pieced pattern from SeaSew by Dana Szucs Hayden.

Canadian Critters Series Designed by A Quilter's Home 
Celebrating with the Canadian Critters Series

After seeing this little Canadian Critter - I'm doomed. Celebrating Canada's 150 is definitely going to cost me a small fortune :-)

How can you resits? I'm not sure, since the other 2 critters are just as cute, and it's only March! You can purchase these kits individually or as a Block of the Month... one for each month of the year!!!

Celebrating Canada's 150 Events

I don't think that I can stand any more amazing quilts and blocks right now, so here are some websites to find out what is happening around your area (or places you will visit) this year. The links are all below, in the Related Links section.

Free Parks Canada
Discovery Pass
I have to start with the Free Parks Canada Discovery Pass. This pass will get your group free admission this year to National Parks, National Marine Conservation Areas and National Historic Sites owned and operated by Parks Canada. It's a great opportunity to discover amazing places around the country. Check out the link below for details. You won't want to miss out.

Canada's 150 Site
The Government of Canada has an internet site and an app to help you find events celebrating this special year.

Quilt Shows and Events page at the Canadian Quilting Association Website

Spring brings with it the beginning of quilt shows around the country. I suspect that every show will have something to celebrate Canada's 150th. Check out what shows are coming in your area. Enjoy!

What I learned:
  • Although I usually attend only one quilt show a year, I know that this year will be different. Although I can't travel across the country to give you accounts of all of these quilting events, I hope that you will link up if you have a post of any of these shows with their Canada 150 exhibits.
  • Aren't these quilt patterns wonderful? I'm not sure how I'm going to resist getting many more of these special designs.
  • With everything that's going on, I posted my April objectives with my March Finishes. That's not how it works. So please bear with me as I repeat my April goals.
My April Objectives:
England Souvenir - to be quilted & embellished

  • My OMG is to quilt and embellish the England souvenir from the World Quilting Travel Adventure and hang it up in my kitchen; 
  • Make more slab blocks, and if I’m really productive, finish a small quilt top for Canada's Big Quilt Bee;
  • Work on and hopefully complete my Art with Fabric project. I'll be posting on the first day - May 15th! No pressure :-)

Related Links:

Here is the button, if you want to add it to your blog!
Quilting & Learning - What a Combo!
Now it's your turn to show us what you are doing to Celebrate Canada's 150th.


  1. You have some great goals to achieve. Good luck.

    1. Thanks Karen. Hopefully some of them will get done :-)

  2. Fun mini quilt. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project!

    1. Thanks Patty, it was really fun to make. A great souvenir of this special year in Canada!

  3. Wow! Love all those Canadian blocks! The flying geese--brilliant! Love the PP logo pattern. And the beaver is just too cute! Too much fun going on here!!! Not really, fun is good!

    1. Thanks Nancy, aren't they amazing? It's going to be hard to decide what to do. Yupe, fun is good!!!

  4. What a great post. The various Canadian patterns are great.

    1. Thanks Bonnie, there's so much going on this year. There are some amazing Canadian designers out there!

  5. Our Guild's show in the Fraser Valley in BC is themed Canada. So they'll be plenty of Canadian quilts in June.

    1. Hi Nicole, I hope that you'll take pictures, write a post and then link up to Celebrate - Fêtons 150 in June. I'm sure that we would all love to see them!

  6. Another great summary of things not to miss!

    1. Thanks Joanne, there's so much going on. Great pattern by the way :-)

  7. Replies
    1. Hi Kathy, Congrats! I will put it in the mail tomorrow!


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