Monday, March 06, 2017

Five Years - 150 Posts

Five years ago in March 2012, I wrote my first blog post. Who would have thought that I would keep going with another 149 posts, or that I would love it? I still remember how great it felt that first time, to see my words and my creation on the web.

My very first blog post - March 2012
I'm also extremely lucky that I've been able to take web writing and design courses through work. It's great to be able to do some of what I love at work. Part of my job is to teach employees to post on our corporate intranet. I get to see their eyes light up as they see their words published on the intranet for the first time. It's wonderful to be able to spread the joy!

In my first year I wrote 8 posts. This has increased every year, from 23 the second year to 41 last year. The good thing about the increase is that it reflects the amount of time that I've spent quilting. On a quilting blog, it's hard to post if you don't quilt!

I was thrilled when I discovered link-up parties. It's great how they bring bloggers together. I get to see what others are doing and share what I've been up to. The specialty blog hops and linking parties have really helped me grow as a blogger, quilter and artist.

Quilting bloggers are so generous - offering tutorials, patterns and encouragement as well as sharing what they've learned. Thank you all for making my quilting life more enjoyable and productive. I hope that I've also contributed these things to my fellow quilters and bloggers. Even as I quilt alone in my studio (aka bedroom), I know that there is a community out there that shares both my passion and obsession!
World Quilting Travel Adventure
with JoJo Hall

Merci / Thank you!!!

Which project will be featured in this 150th post? It's the second project from JoJo Hall's World Quilting Travel Adventure - Canada.

As usual, I've been expanding on JoJo's great souvenir ideas to create art quilts. So far this one is my favourite. There is a lot less embellishment than the previous project, but I love its simplicity.

As you may recall, it started with some English paper pieced hexies to illustrate Canada's Northern Lights. It took me a while to decide how I wanted to place these. I got a lot of design help from my son. When I did put it all together, JoJo's videos were invaluable.
Attaching the multi-coloured hexies
Attaching the multi-coloured hexies
Sweet Memories: Northern Lights
This project is called Sweet Memories: Northern Lights. The memories come from a night, about 20 years ago. I was in my kitchen in Orleans, talking to my mother on the phone. As I looked out of the window, I notices the Northern Lights dancing away. As I shared this with my mother, she went to her office to look out her north-facing window. Sure enough, she saw the Northern Lights. They must have been especially strong since we were both in areas with some light. It was a magical moment that I'm glad to commemorate with art.

What I've learned:
  • I love the hand-dyed cheese cloth over the black fabric. It adds lovely texture and colour to the piece. It was, however, tricky to FMQ over. I learned the hard way that my free motion foot, which opens in the front, got easily caught in the loose weave of the cheese cloth. The way around this was to quilt backwards, with the foot's opening facing the back as I quilted.
  • I appliquéd the hexies by stitching near the outside edge, and then FMQ around each hexagon.
  • I used Superior's Bottom Line thread and three colours of Kimono silk thread to appliqué and FMQ. 

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Project Details
Sweet Memories: Northern Lights
18½ " x 12"
Materials: cotton, hand dyed cheese cloth by Linda Palaisy, batik fabrics, Superior's Bottom Line thread and Kimono silk thread
Techniques: English paper piecing, appliqué, FMQ

Art with Fabric - Spring 2017
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Other News:
I'll be participating once more in Alida's Art with Fabric in May. I'm really looking forward to it!

Here's the link to the Celebrate - Fêtons 150 post and link-up for March, Join in the fun and a chance to win prizes!


  1. Excellent post! Congratulations on those blogging numbers! Linky parties are great, most of the time. I don't think enough people bother to visit the other blogs, though, and it gets discouraging sometimes. That said, being a quilting blogger has been an amazing ride! Have a wonderful, funderful evening! XO

    1. Thanks Karen. I never thought I would love blogging so much. I know what you mean about visiting the other blogs because I can go weeks without visiting and then spend whole evenings reading and getting inspired. You said it - it is an amazing ride!

  2. Congratulations on reaching your 150th post! I agree that it's so nice to know there's an entire community of quilter/bloggers who are so generous and sharing. I sew alone a lot, and commenting and emailing with other quilters has been a lifeline for me. I love the story behind your Northern Lights piece. It's a great way to commemorate such a special memory.

    1. Thanks Beth. It is a wonderful community...and we all appreciate your comments after linking up!

  3. That is a great interpretation of the Northern Lights! Thank you for sharing on Midweek Makers

  4. Many congratulations on 150 posts. I've only recently discovered linky parties and they are a great way to see what's happening with quilters across the world.

    1. Thanks Jenny, thank goodness for linky parties - otherwise it would feel like we're writing for ourselves!

  5. 150 posts? Wow, that is terrific! I love how you made the Northern Lights project your own! It is next on my list to do. . . Thanks for your comment on my blog!

  6. Congrats on 150 things to say about quilting!!! Love how your Northern Lights commemorates a special moment with your mom.

  7. Hello Andrée,

    Congratulations on reaching 150!

    I really love the colours that you have used for the Northern Lights. You are so fortunate to have seen them, and just by chance!

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks.

    Love, Muv


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