Thursday, January 12, 2017

Catching up on World Quilting Travel Adventure

with JoJo Hall
I have a lot of catching up for the World Quilting Travel Adventure with JoJo Hall. We are going on a wonderful world tour and making souvenirs from our destinations.
Souvenir from Oregon
Oregon, United States

Our first stop was in Oregon, where JoJo comes from. I made a smaller, more whimsical version of her landscape. Check out her original landscape, it's gorgeous!

Hawaii, United States

The second stop was Hawaii. It's certainly an attractive destination, especially with the -25 C weather we were having in Ottawa! In November I started making the plumeria flower that is on JoJo's headwrap. Of course, since I need to do my own thing, I'm incorporating the plumeria into an art quilt.
The beginning of the plumeria flower

JoJo warned us that the flower would not be impressive until it was painted and sewn. I have to admit that I was terrified of painting it. I'm sure that's why I waited until late December to attempt it - and that's just because my quilting space was such a mess that I didn't want to go near it.

I took the project to the kitchen table with my water colours and brushes (never been used) and played with the paint. I can't say that I had much fun - I was too intimidated, and I also can't say that I liked the results, but I gave myself the benefit of the doubt to wait until I had sewn it before judging it. As my son remarked, this project had better not be washed, or I'll be loosing my water paint!

I'm glad I waited. Turns out it was better than I expected! The paint and the FMQ really add to it. I didn't sew around the whole flower so that it also has a 3-D effect.
Plumeria flower after the water paint and FMQ
The genesis of this art quilt is a silk scarf that I bought in China. The scarf was very fragile and better suited to art than wearing. In my stash, I found peach and yellow fabrics as well as this amazing purple and orange fabric that my daughter brought back from Senegal, Africa. This is truly a multi-cultural project!

Working on this multi-cultural project

To make the background, I just sewed a few pieces of the fabrics together and then cut them up and sewed them back together again. I just love improvising like this.

Embroidered and beaded flower taken from the silk scarf

I cut out one of the flowers from the silk scarf, bunched up the silk around it and embroidered it down. I added many beads (until I'd had enough!) but as my daughter said - it looked like a colourful blob. To make it look like a flower, in colours that would stand out, I embroidered around the different parts of the flower.

You may have noticed the frilly bit on the right in the picture above. I wanted to add more of the silk scarf, to tie it in with the flower. I originally intended for it to drape on the right edge, then my daughter turned the piece around so that the scarf hangs off the bottom. What a difference 90 degrees makes!
Escape - almost done!
I've been hand quilting the orange and the yellow areas and adding beads to some of the colourful African fabric. I'll have to be careful to not over do it - it's so easy to get carried away.


The third stop on JoJo's World Quilting Travel Adventure is my homeland. I love Canada and I think that JoJo chose well with her souvenir - it's the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) made of hexies. I have to admit that before this project, I had no desire of doing any type of hexies! I have a UFO - an English Paper Piecing project started last summer made with triangles. It's really fun, relaxing and very, very addictive! This hexie project is even more fun because I didn't try to plan the project first. I just went into my scrap bag of batiks and cut out hexies from colours that might fit.That's my kind of project - jump in and adjust as I go!

Making many, many hexies

I won't say much more about this project except that it's a work in progress. If you're interested in doing hexies, JoJo has two really good tutorial for Basting Hexies and Joining Hexies. Please check them out!

Not sure how I'll be putting these together. Stay tuned!
What I've learned:
  • As usual, I'm not doing so well with following dates. That's also how I prefer to travel - without strict agendas and time tables, just an outline of possibilities!
  • JoJo has given me plenty of possibilities. I'm having a blast, and working very hard to not take it (or me) too seriously. This is a perfect opportunity for play,
  • I'm addicted to hexies (only really cool ones, but hexies none the less!) We'll see if this lasts when I try to join them!

If you're interested in seeing what other travelers have made, check out the links on the Travelers' Souvenirs page. I am linking to the following Linky Parties: Oh Scrap!, Free Motion Mavericks, Let's Bee Social, Midweek Makers, Needle and Thread Thursday, Can I get a Whoop Whoop?, Off the Wall Friday, Finished or Not Friday, Fabric Frenzy Friday,


  1. Wow...what fun to see your progress! I'm loving seeing your souvenirs. Glad you stuck with the painting and quilting of your flower. What a wonderful transformation, and the silk is beautiful.

    Hexies are my all-time favorite go to project. They are just so easy to take with you and before you know it, you have a ton of them ready to play with. Let me know if you have any questions when you start to join them. If you follow my video, you should not see any of your thread on the front even if you use black thread. No kidding! :) Looking forward to seeing your England!

  2. Fascinating projects, with a fascinating theme! I'm also working slowly on a EPP hexie project, they're such fun to make. :)

  3. Hello Andrée,

    Love the flower project! Somehow pieces that you make up as you go along end up having a wonderful spontaneous look to them... even if they did take weeks to make.

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!

    Love, Muv

  4. Too fun! I hear you about painting the flowers. . .I experienced that too!

  5. It is lovely to see the interpretations of JoJo's original ideas.


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