Monday, December 19, 2016

Pattern Testing a Baby Quilt

I was thrilled when Joanne of Canuck Quilter Designs asked for volunteers to test the pattern for her new Tic Tac Who? Baby Quilts. I've always wanted to do this, so I volunteered and she accepted.

Tic Tac Who? baby quilts by Canuck Quilter Designs
I was contemplating what colours to us when I talked to my friend and colleague, Kathy, about this latest project. Since I didn't know who I was going to make the quilt for, and Kathy needed a baby quilt for her nephew's new baby, we agreed that Kathy would pick and buy the fabric and that I would make the quilt. I would make the Tic Tac Hoot baby quilt, the one with the owl.

I received the pattern and had roughly a month to make either some of the panels or the whole quilt. When I agreed to make this quilt, I didn't know that I would be travelling to the American South-West. It was actually great timing since it gave Kathy time to shop and then wash the fabric. When I got back, everything was ready for me!

Tic Tac Hoot quilt top
It took me roughly two weekends to make the quilt. The pattern comes with three options - a duck (easiest), a puppy (easy), and the owl (more challenging). It took me a while to piece together the owl. The instructions were clear but I needed to un-stitch quite a few pieces, mostly because I kept forgetting that the yellow was not Kona fabric and therefor wasn't the same on both sides!
Tic Tac Hoot - all finished!

Quilting pattern
drawn on tracing paper
For the quilting, I stitched-in-the-ditch around the sashing. My stitching isn't great, so I wanted something different for the "X"s. I ended up quilting in the yellow space, outside of the "X", about a 1/4". I then did the same inside each "X". I also quilted 4 circles inside the coloured blocks, to go with the tic-tac-toe theme.

To determine how to quilt the owl, I traced the owl on a sheet of tracing paper and then tried out some feather patterns in two directions. I decided to quilt the feather in the same direction as the owl. As I look at the quilting pattern now, I think I like the upside down feather better - oh well... He's still a handsome fellow!

The FMQ owl
The FMQ owl

Testing the quilt was a great experience. Joanne did a wonderful job on the pattern. I really liked the way she laid it out with simple illustrations. I was even able to contribute with some suggestions!

What I learned:
  • When I first started the project, I kept having to remind myself to read the instructions! I guess when we're familiar with some of the process, it's easy to skim over the instructions and just go ahead. For Joanne's sake, I did read everything carefully.
  • I didn't realise how visual I am. As I mentioned, I really liked the illustrations and was drawn to them right away. Again, I had to remind myself to read the instructions that went with them :-)
  • I need to invest in one of the many circle templates available - I used some plastic lids. They worked well but I only found a few sizes. Maybe that needs to go on my Christmas list!
  • I really enjoyed making the pattern. I was, however, reminded of why I love creating art quilts without patterns - the accuracy of my piecing is really not great, even when I pay attention!
Thank you so much Joanne for this opportunity! Also a very special thank you to Kathy, who chose and bought the fabric. I really hope that her nephew will love the quilt :-)

If you like this project, check out Canuck Quilter Designs's website. The Tic Tac Who pattern will be available soon.
I've also linked up to Sarah Goer's Show Me Something Orange linking party.


  1. Beautiful quilt! Great fabric selection and thanks for sharing your lessons!!

  2. I am the happy recipient of this beautiful quilt that i will send to my nephew and his wife and my dad's first great grandchild!! I like that the quilt has the XO pattern of tic-tac-toe and also that the XOs represent hugs and kisses so this baby will be wrapped in love. Thank you Andrée for doing such a great job with it.


    1. Your very welcome Kathy. It was a pleasure to make - I loved your fabric choices and I know it will be cherished!

  3. Fantastic quilt - love the color choices! Thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers


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