Thursday, July 02, 2015

9-Patch Pizzazz Wall Hanging

9-Patch Pizzazz book cover by Judy Sisneros
9-Patch Pizzazz by Judy Sisneros 
There is a blue-green that has been very popular in the last couple of years. As I shopped, I've been very attracted to fabrics of this colour and have accumulated a lovely collection.

I've put them aside to make something. When I looked at them, I realised that they all blended beautifully, but there was no contrast. What to make that would require blending fabrics and only a little contrast? A 9-Patch Pizzazz wall hanging of course!

I had seen a beautiful wall hanging at a local church quilt show and was told that the pattern was from the book, 9-Patch Pizzazz. Good thing it was easy to remember because I was able to find the book and buy it.

Close up of the FMQ around the dragonflies
FMQ around the dragonflies
The quilts from the book are easy to make and adjust for size. It was the perfect pattern for my beautiful fabrics.

Part of the charm of this pattern is the way that fabrics blend into each other. It also made taking photos difficult! There's just enough contrast in some of the 9 patch to give it a focal point.

I also loved using big pieces for a change. It didn't take long to put the quilt together.
FMQ swirls and following the lines of the flowers
FMQ swirls and following the lines of the flowers

Determining the free motion quilting (FMQ) was a real pleasure.

  • I used swirls for the swirly fabric;
  • Quilted around the dragonflies; 
  • Added continuous leaves in the focal 9 patch; and
  • Used the lines of the flowers in one fabric to create a star-burst effect.

It's finally stopped raining, so today was the perfect day for that outdoor picture of quilts I love so much. After all that rain, everything is green....and the mosquitoes were out with a vengeance. I spent as little time as I could out there. Mowing the lawn will take care of that on the weekend!
9-Patch Pizzazz with my neighbor's lovely clematis
What I learned:

  • It's nice to make something that you can put together fairly quickly. Projects don't always have to be complicated to be lovely.
  • I really love the blended effect in some of the 9 patch. It gives the piece an impressionist feel.
  • The contrasting 9 patch give the piece contrast, movement and a focal point.
  • The large dragonfly fabric is my favourite - even if it's technically a bug!
  • Choosing the different FMQ motifs for the various blocks was a lot of fun. I love letting the fabrics inspire the design.
  • I'm looking forward to making many more 9-Patch Pizzazz quilts!
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  1. Love the combination of solid and nine patch...very effective!

  2. The blending of the colors is striking! Beautiful finish!

  3. A lovely finish! The blending is very effective. And I love that pic with the clematis, it too adds a tiny contrast to the final look... very clever!

  4. Thanks Linda. I'm always impressed when people take pictures of quilts outdoors. It does make it special.

  5. Hello Andree,

    What fabulous shades of blue, and such a gorgeous picture with the clematis!

    The FMQ looks as though it was great fun to do, letting the fabric suggest the pattern, and is really effective.

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!

    Love, Muv.

    1. Hi Muv, Thanks for your comment. It was great fun to FMQ, especially since the sections were big enough to get into but not large enough to get bored!


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