Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Joining the &Stitches Finish-Along!

I've joined one of my favourite blogger, Julie from Button, Button... on an stitching Finish-Along!

Finish-Along! logoI don't embroider very much since quilting takes up so much of my leisure time, but I do have a couple of stitching projects that I'd like to finish. Of course, one of them is a quilt, but with some REALLY CUTE embroidered frogs - yes, I wrote frogs!

I found this pattern on the Intranet a couple of years ago when I was searching for a picture of a quilt for my work computer's desktop background. I was planning on making a swamp quilt at the time (still am, but not in the near future) so I Goggled images of quilts with frogs, cattails, etc. I fell in love with this quilt and had it as my desktop background. It would literally make me smile every time I looked at it! After several months of looking and smiling at this picture, I had to make the quilt!

Two finished frog embroidered panels
Two finished frog embroidered panels 
Frog Work Pattern by Briarwood Cottage
Frog Work Pattern by Briarwood Cottage

What I learned:
  • Be careful what quilt you put as your desktop background. You'll probably eventually convince yourself that you just have to make it!
  • Watch out when working on more than one blog post - this post got published at the same time as Finishing up Winter Quilts. It wasn't my intention. Not sure how I did this :-(
  • When taking pictures of my quilts, it happened a few times that when I'm working with the picture on the computer, that I notice a very obvious renegade thread. I was sure I had removed them all. Is it possible that as quilters, threads are just a fact of life that we tend to not see them?
Here's the link to a later blog on the progress of my Frog Work project.

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  1. Cute patterns. I usually am the one who finds my mom's stray threads of her quilts!


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