Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Moccasin Vamps Completed!

On May 24th, my Learning to Bead blog was about creating moccasin vamps (tops) for the “Walking with our sisters collective art project”. It’s been a great learning experience.

Beading can be a very meditative undertaking. Once I’d decided how to bead a section, it was then just a matter of doing. These vamps carry many prayers for suffering women around the world, particularly our first nation sisters.

The design on the vamps is a modification of a quilt block since that’s part of my culture and passion. They are also bound as a quilt would be. Although the beading is less crammed, a little more space would have been good. I guess that’s a good metaphor for putting less stuff in our lives and accepting a little more space for being.

I’m looking forward to seeing the finished project when it comes through Ottawa.


Update: These are the vamps that our group sent in. They are so wonderfully diverse!

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