Monday, June 18, 2012

Quilt Along

I've just posted the pictures of my first two squares in the Flickr Beginner's Quilt Along group (  I decided to do some experimenting. Since one of the quilts that I'm presently working on has monochromatic blocks (in blue, red, purple and yellow), I decided that in this new quilt, each block would be a different colour, but monochromatic within the block.

I bought a couple of brown fat quarters for the first square (I don't usually do browns). The second block is in blues (that I have tons of).

Block #1 in browns

Block #2 in blues
I was hoping not to print out all of the instructions for the blocks, but I'm now re-thinking that since I managed to make the first block way too small! Oh well, I'm now on my way.  Looking forward to seeing how my experiment will work.

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