Friday, June 29, 2012

More Quilt-Along Squares to Share

I am very happy that my first 4 squares for the Beginners' Quilt-Along are made, on time and looking not too shabby! 

I made square #4 last night. I decided on a dark and light pink...but misread the instructions (again...I think I need a vacation!) and so ran out of the light pink fabric.  I really wanted that fabric so I pieced a 5 inch square to make my 2 half-square triangles.  You can tell, but I'm not sure it's critical.  I'll see when it's all together - I can always whip up another pink square #4!

Block #4 - Jump in the Pool

Block #3 - Time for Ice Cream (must be peppermint!)

Top: blocks # 1 and 3. Bottom: blocks # 4 and 2

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