Sunday, April 29, 2018

First Week of Comfort Quilt QAL

Earlier this week I started cutting fabric and sewing together some large blocks for the Comfort Quilt QAL.

I'm making a few cuddle quilts for our guild to donate. It's been a few years since I made a charity quilt, so I'm going to make a few :-)

The first four blocks of Comfort Quilt
I really like the way that it's coming along.

Comfort Quilt cuddle quilt in the making
I just need to add a border to make the quilt 22"x 22" and then it's off to FMQ. I can't wait!


This project definitely qualifies as a Dreami! post (which stands for Drop Everything And Make It!), as in a totally unplanned project that just needs to be made, no matter how much else is going on.

I have a hard time resisting quilt-alongs. I must say that my self-restraint isn't that bad because there are sooooo many more quilt-alongs that I would love to join. The Comfort Quilt QAL just came at the right time - I had to buy something at Ron's in Cornwall :-) so flannel for a worthy cause wasn't too difficult to rationalize!

Art with Fabric Spring 2018

It's my favourite time of the year - spring and the Art with Fabric blog hop!

This year the theme is 1+1=3 That can mean many things, but I am interpreting it as being whimsical and different.

I started looking at surrealist paintings in my daughter's art books. I was intrigued by Rene Magritte - especially his "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" image but as much as I tried, I just wasn't inspired. I thought about Salvador Dali. Although I'm not really a fan - that doesn't mean I don't appreciate it - I was intrigued by some of his imagery. Since I only need to be inspired by it to make my own art, I finally found a painting on the internet that excited my imagination. It's called Aurora by Dali, 1948 - or is it?

When I went looking for more information this morning and couldn't find anything, my daughter did a search. It turns out that there is no painting called Aurora by Salvador Dali. The painting is actually called Sunrise by the Ocean by Vladimir Kush, 2000 (see Related Links below).

I'm scheduled to post my art piece on May 21st. Be sure to check it out 😊 Don't worry, I'll remind you!

What I learned
  • I suspected that I wouldn't be impressed with the little blocks from the Comfort quilt. There's absolutely nothing wrong with them except that they have tiny 1" blocks. I have really big hands and it's just a little too fiddly for me. I made a few to get my first quilt done but I'll probably be avoiding them, unless of course I happen to be in an extra zen mood (right!)
  • I really love Amy Ellis's new book. My favourite thing (other than the gorgeous quilts) is that each quilt had a "One at a time" section. This gives the fabric requirements for those, like me, who make their blocks one at a time. It makes my life so much easier, not having to figure out what the fabric requirements are for only one block. Thanks Amy - that was brilliant!
  • I was really surprised that Dali got so much credit for Vladimir Kush's painting. My daughter wasn't surprised - apparently miss-attribution happens a lot. It's a good thing that I have an art-historian daughter - it seems that you can't always trust the internet!
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  1. That's going to be a very sweet little quilt!!

  2. Love your blocks!!! Great job jumping in on the SAL for a charity!

  3. Your comfort quilt is going to be lots of fun. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  4. Such a pretty little comfort quilt! I'm sure its recipient will be thrilled to receive such a colorful gift!


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