Monday, November 20, 2017

Shattered Angles Quilt

I've spent some time this weekend working on my Splash of Color QAL. My version is called Shattered Angles.

As I worked on it, it all came back to me why I had been so frustrated with this project. Since I seem to be in a more zen mood, I even managed to figure out how to make the process easier. I thought that I would share some of my learning with you.

The pattern is based on cutting and sewing strips, stacking them and then cutting them at a 45 degree angle. The pieces are then moved around so that each finished strip will have different fabrics. So far, so good.

Putting the two pieces together
My problem comes when I have to add a strip to the others, after having inserted the coloured fabric. Before figuring it out, I ended up with some very narrow strips. That's why my finished blocks are now 6" instead of 6½" square.
Adding a pin where the two pieces meet (top right)

I finally figured out that if I placed a pin where the new strip and the coloured piece meet, I could then  pull the fabric over and make sure that it was straight.
Looks straight to me!

It doesn't seem like much, but I would probably have finished the whole quilt 2 years ago if I have figured it out sooner :-)

I also found that if I ironed the seams and pinned everything, that it was much easier to sew. (I know, it should be evident!)
Ironed, pined and ready to sew.
Here is the finished strip, ready to be trimmed and cut. I'm quite happy with the top of the strip since it's fairly straight. That's what I was trying to do!
Ready to be trimmed

After trimming the strip to 6" long, I then cut it to get 6" square blocks.

Trimmed and ready to cut
Here is my pile of blocks. So far, I have 24 completed. I made 15 of them on the weekend.
Pile of finished 6" blocks

There are many options for laying out this quilt, but this is the most obvious one. Four blocks are placed together to make a kind of square box type pattern. It's best if the coloured lines don't meet, but that's easier said than done.
Preview of what the quilt could look like
 At this point, the quilt is about half done. I have put it away since I have other priorities this month. I'm not sure that I'll be finished in time for the final link-up for the quilt top (December 12, 2017), but that would be the story of my life. I'm just thrilled that I gotten ahead on this UFO!

To-Do Tuesday

I didn't get any of the things I wanted done this week - so I'm going to try again!
For my To-Do list this week, I'm going to work on another wholecloth quilt and add a few more rows on my batik quilt!

What I learned
  • Isn't it amazing what effect your state of mind can have on your quilting? I guess it shouldn't be surprising since our state of mind pretty much affects our whole life :-) Anyway, I am glad that I was calmer and able to work out how to put these strips together. I did try out a couple of other methods but they didn't work. I don't see things easily in 3D, so it's not surprising that I had that much trouble. I'm just thrilled that it worked out.
  • This will never be my favourite quilt or pattern. Even without the black and white fabric, it's way too much work for me! Of course I would never say that about an art quilt that I would put just as much effort into :-)
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  1. I do like the block, and yes it does look like a lot of work, lol. Your What I learned thoughts are very honest and true. very insightful.

    1. Thanks Danice. I find that thinking about what I learned while doing a project has helped me actually learn the lessons. It would be nice to not be doomed to repeat some mistakes :-)

  2. I think it's going to be a lovely quilt, but I can totally understand how it may not work for you. I think we all have quilts that start out as a good idea, but when further along, they just don't sing to us anymore. Maybe when you come back to it later....

    1. Hi Susan, I'm sure that it'll get day. On the other hand, now that I've figured it out, I could do it when I need some rather mindless piecing to do. Congrats on your #100!!!!

  3. I admire your persistence and really like what you've done so far. I hope this UFO progresses further than you expect. :)

    1. Thanks Dione. I think that I could use a little more of that persistence, but hopefully it will get done sooner rather than later. I expect that it would make a great gift (since I don't think I want to be reminded of this one after it's done!

  4. I think the blocks are beautiful and what a neat pattern! Black and White quilts with a pop of color are always neat to me.

    1. Thanks Connie, Thanks so much for featuring my project on your Linky Tuesday! It was quite a thrill when I opened your blog and saw my quilt blocks there :-)

  5. I really love how the colors pop against the black and white fabrics! Thank you so much for linking up with To-Do Tuesday!

    1. Thanks Christine. The pop of colour does add a lot to the blocks. And thanks for hosting the To-Do Tuesday link-up. I'm liking having smaller weekly goals - even if they don't always get done :-)


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