Thursday, October 12, 2017

Art with Fabric Blog Hop - My Happy Yellow Cow by Patty

Hi, I'm Patty. It's the first time I'm participate in an Art Blog Hop. I'd like to thank Alida for all her work and also to Andrée, my hostess for encouraging and guiding me throughout this new experience.

"My Happy Yellow Cow" by Patty
My quilt is inspired by "The Yellow Cow", one of the most famous works of Franz Marc (1880-1916). He was an  extraordinary German artist, which I admire since ever. He was one of the main painters of the expressionism, co-founded with Kandinsky, of The Blue Rider magazine and movement that grouped expressionist artists from 1911 to 1914. 

Franz Marc is known mostly because of the animals he used to paint in bold bright colors. Even if he evolved in style, until reaching the cubism and the abstractionism, he never abandoned neither the animals nor the wonderful colors. 

Although I've read the analysis of "The Yellow Cow", which by the way is rather sad, I must say that in my humble opinion, I disagree. I've  always seen her happy, having a good time, a wonderful moment of relaxation and pleasure. That's why in my quilt I'm showing her swimming freely and peacefully enjoying the fresh water on a hot summer day. A small peek look at Mother Earth.

My process:

Template of a larger simplified image of the cow
I first drew a larger simplified image of the cow, then I cut it in a fabric to use it as foundation and I began to work on it by gluing flowers.
Foundation used for the cow
The background is made of strips also sewn to a foundation. Finally I put it all together adding some more elements...and that's it!
Cow on a background of strips

"My Happy Yellow Cow"!!!! 48' x 56'
"My Happy Yellow Cow"

Hope you enjoy it!
I'm really proud of being among so many talented artists.
Thank you to you all!

Here is the schedule for the Art with Fabric Blog Hop. 
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Monday, October 9th, 2017
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Friday, October 13th, 2017 
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  1. Patty: A yellow, swimming cow! How fabulous! Your cow, at least seems very happy. Congrats on completing your first blog hop quilt.

  2. I think your cow looks very happy! I love your quilt, and I love the way you explained your process. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. Patty, I sure like your interpretation of the yellow cow. You've made a happy little quilty art work that will surly promote some conversations. I'm so glad you made it.

  4. Your cow looks very happy and cheerful to me too, Patty!! I think you translated beautiful the work of the inspiration artist and you created a beautiful piece!! Thanks for sharing your talent in the blog hop!!!


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