Sunday, May 31, 2015

Just finished on time!

Yikes - nothing like quilting until the last possible second! My May challenge at A Lovely Year of Finishes is done. With one hour to spare :-)

My brother will be thrilled since it was his quilt, made by my mother, that I finished repairing and re-quilting. Tomorrow I will wash it and should have it ready for him by mid-week. He's waited a long time for this.

What I learned:
  • I knew it would be difficult to finish this project on time because working on someone else's quilt is just not the same as working on my own quilt - even if it was my mother's!
  • I'm glad that I did put this quilt as a challenge - it was the best way of motivating myself to get it done.
  • Thank goodness for being able to borrow audio-books from the library. It's taken at least three books to get this project completed.
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