Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Christmas is finally over

I did a crazy thing this Christmas.  I attempted to make 3 Christmas runners as gifts.

Close up of the runner

As you can guess from the "attempted", only 2 were done by Christmas was finally over last week when I finished and delivered the third runner. Of course, I was sewing the binding in the car on the's a good thing that our friends live about 45 minutes away. I almost finished it before I got there!

Of course, in my rush to get the other two delivered before Christmas, I forgot to take pictures. Oh well, maybe my friends will take pictures of them next Christmas! They had snowmen on them!

Since I'm on the subject of Christmas, here are a couple of small wall hangings that I completed.
Scrappy Christmas Wall Hanging 2

Scrappy Christmas Wall Hanging 1
These are made based on Rayna Gillman's book, Create your own free-form quilts - a stress-free journey to original design.
Christmas tree skirt

The last two pictures are older Christmas projects that I finally photographed. The one on the left is my Christmas tree skirt,  Honestly, when I put up the tree this year, I thought I might have made a skirt... I'm just glad that I found it! The project on the right is my first ever Christmas runner.  I've gotten a lot of mileage from this pattern.
My First Christmas Runner

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